Mandurah Muay Thai

At Mandurah Muay Thai we teach traditional Muay Thai. Also known as Thai Kickboxing. We have training available for all levels of fitness and experience from ages 4 and up. You can train to achieve your own desired outcome. Goals such as fitness, weight loss, self confidence, self defence and competition. We cater for kids, adults, ladies only and fighters. All in a happy and friendly environment.


Mandurah Muay Thai offers training for kids ages 5 and up

Ages five and up. A safe and friendly atmosphere to build confidence and get fit. Students will learn social interaction, teamwork and self defence.


Mandurah Muay Thai offers adult training to help your physical and mental fitness

What is your goal? Physical and mental fitness or weight loss. Maybe you would like to become a competitive Martial Artist, doing the worlds most exciting martial art. Whatever your goal is, we will provide you with everything you need to succeed!

Ladies only

Mandurah Muay Thai offers ladies only training

No experience or level of fitness required. We use Muay Thai techniques to help tone and achieve weight goals. Female trainers will encourage and guide. Make new friends and catch up.


Mandurah Muay Thai is a competitive gym with trainers with vast experience

We are a competitive gym! Mandurah Muay Thai fighters are trained and mentored by trainers with vast experience. Our competitive group train hard, fight hard and have a fearsome reputation. If stepping over the ropes is your dream we have you covered.